Metal Slug Infinity: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Metal Slug Infinity is a new and very intricate idle game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring all kinds of soldiers, enemies, and slugs from the Metal Slug franchise.

You can journey through various levels completing battles, doing quests, fighting against other players and completing special boot camps, and rescuing POWs. You can earn coins, gems, medals, and a a whole host of other goodies as you go.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Metal Slug Infinity!

Upgrades to your soldiers are the first and most obvious upgrades to do, and they require coins, but quests open up very shortly into the game (they are behind the dollar sign icon).

Tap the quests to upgrade them, open new ones, and make a huge amount of money automatically. Always be looking to open the next brand new quest.

Open up all of the soldier boxes and slug boxes you can. It’s easy to forget about them if you aren’t actively playing PvP all the time, but they often contain rare, ultra rare, or legendary soldiers and slugs, some of which will have as many as five or six stars. The more stars, the better.

Earning free gems is easy enough despite them being the ‘premium’ currency. All that you have to do is collect achievement rewards and complete new achievements, which are located in the menu that looks like a trophy icon.

Permanent boosts can be had with upgrades other than just basic level-ups. Promote your soldiers when you have enough soldier fragments, and you can boost them to the next star level. You can promote a slug when you have three identical slugs of the same type and rarity (for example, three one-star fire Weak Donkey Slugs) One card will be the beneficiary, and the other two will be the sacrifices, and will disappear in the process.

Boot Camp allows you to play special areas to get specific War Books (which upgrade your entire army), and PvP allows you to compete against other players. Soldiers’ levels don’t matter here. All that matter are star ratings and rarity, so continually promote your soldiers and slugs as much as possible.

To upgrade your slugs, you need data chips. To get these, go to the Slug Camp tab under your slug icon, fight through the available camps, and keep going with the rarest possible combination of slugs until you can’t anymore. Each time you beat a level, you get data chips, which can then be used to level up your slugs.

Each time you beat a Slug Camp, you’ll unlock the next one in line. Beat level 1, and level 2 will unlock; beat level 2, and level 3 will open up, and so on and so forth. Each successive level gives more data chips than the previous one did.

Head to the Dungeon menu in your soldier area to do the same thing as above, except with your soldiers instead of slugs. You’ll earn fragments for said soldier, so that you can promote them faster.

Hit the “return” area to return to level 1 and give up all of the level-ups and coins that you’ve earned. Do this, though, and you’ll earn loads of medals as well as a significant soldier buff (multiplier to damage), and if applicable, buffs to your war books and your signal corps. 300 gems lets you double the medals you earn from returning.

Wait until the latest possible stage in order to do the return, and you can easily make it to far, far stages. The longer you wait, the bigger your buffs will be and the more medals you will get when you do return.

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