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Microgolf Masters – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Microgolf Masters is a new miniature golfing game for the iOS and Android platform. This multiplayer game puts you into one-on-one matchups against other players from around the world in a competition to advance from round to round, and city to city, in tournaments. You can win coins and upgrades, gain levels, and compete against increasingly tough classes of players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Microgolf Masters!

At the beginning of each hole, shoot the ball as far as you can. Don’t let yourself get outshot by another player. Think about your next shot, and shoot with the intent to set up your next shot. Use the arrows on the ground to your advantage as the grass with the arrows in it will move your ball automatically in the direction in which the arrows point.

Watch out for various surface obstacles, such as water and ice. If your ball goes into the water, then you’ll end up right back where your ball was sitting before you took the last shot. Ice is a little less dangerous – all that you have to do is take an easier shot, as a shot on ice will be about double the strength as a shot on grass.

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Save up your coins so that you can buy better balls. Balls are an incremental upgrade, but once you buy a ball with a different pattern, you will have increased strength and aim. The premium, rare, legendary and extreme balls, which cost gems to buy, will give you even larger statistical upgrades than the ordinary balls will.

Hit solo mode if you need to practice a specific round without being in competition against another player. Or, go back down to a lower tier than the highest one that you can compete at, and you will be matched up against less skilled and less competitive players. The higher the round you enter, the better the players will be.

Each time that you beat a numbered round, you will earn a set of cards, and after you earn enough of them, you can go to the upgrade screen and use them to upgrade your statistics. Buy a card pack with gems if you don’t want to wait in order to get the next round of card upgrades.

Connect to Facebook with the game and you and your friends will be able to send gifts back and forth. If you can’t find any friends who play the game, look for people in the App Store and Google Play review areas, or in the comments section of this article, who play the game, and add them so that you can send gifts back and forth.