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Micromon Adventures: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Micromon Adventures is a new iOS idle RPG about raising and training “pixelmon”, aka Pokemon, battling against other trainers, and evolving and training your Pokemon to make them as powerful as you can. You have a nearly endless variety of ways to upgrade them, as well as stages and missions to play and win, and you can earn coins, gems, and hundreds of new Pokemon. Read on for some tips and tricks for Micromon Adventures!

When there is nothing going on, you and your Pokemon will be wandering around the map, fighting against other trainers. Tap on the stage entry button to enter a level, fight, and advance. You can control the fight manually or leave it up to automatic control, and when you get far enough into the tutorial, you’ll unlock the ability to double the speed of the fight, as well.

The most basic type of improvement that your Pokemon can take in this game is a simple level-up. Max out their levels early on and you’ll be able to race through the stages. Beating stages unlocks literally everything else in the game, so go through them as quickly as possible. Your Pokemon level cannot exceed your player level, so as your player level increases, so will the max strength of your Pokemon.

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The evolve function will come around level 10 or so. To evolve one of your Pokemon, you need to meet a number of requirements such as evolve cards, elemental stones, and friendship level. To increase the friendship level, go to the develop section, tap on Friendship, and upgrade the friendship level, which typically uses berries and some other items, such as friendship herbs. Once the friendship level is high enough, evolution will be possible.

If you are short a material for completing an action, such as Pokemon evolving, tap the material that you need more of (such as an evolution card), then tap Source and you’ll be able to see where you can acquire it. Many of the areas are unlocked later in the game; for example, gyms unlock after stage 80 and instance fights unlock after stage 31.

There are a ton of areas to unlock on the map, so race through the stages as quickly as possible in order to get to them. You’ll unlock new maps for your character to engage in idle play on, too. These maps contain completely different trainers and Pokemon of varying toughness and rarities, so move back and forth between areas as needed to fill out your Pokemon stash.