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Microtrip – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Microtrip is a new endless swimming game for the iOS and Android in which you play an organism swimming through a larger creature’s body. Your goal is to get as far as you can and avoid the black spiky viruses for as long as possible, while collecting plasma in order to stay alive. Read on for some tips and tricks for Microtrip!

There are three types of obstacles that you will find here. The spiky black things, both little and big, will drain your health if they hit you, and hitting them too many times will kill you. The soft blobs will slow you down if you go through them. The hard blobs will simply block your way, so you end up having to go around them.

Use the soft blobs to your advantage. Going through them can help you stop and plan your next move, especially if you have a lot of health left over, or if you see plasma immediately in front of you. Tilt your phone in the correct direction so that you come out of the blob facing away from the black things, toward the white blood cells.

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Each new level that you reach will cause the color palette to change a little bit. It will also cause you to move faster and add new challenges, especially putting the black spikes into places that are more challenging to avoid. There will also be bigger black spiky creatures; the bigger they are, the more damage they do when they hit you.

Pick up the black and white pills whenever you see them, because they will give you power-ups. They will give you different boosts each time that they see you. For example, they will give you Attractor, which causes the white blood cells to magnetize to you. Repulsor is another boost, which causes the black spiky creatures to be repelled away from you.

Try to stay away from any area where you see multiple black spiky creatures, because there is no temporary period of invincibility after you get hit. If you hit two of them in a row, you will die no matter how much health you had to begin with. The bigger ones also drain more health than the smaller ones do, making it especially important to avoid them.