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Mighty Battles – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Mighty Battles is a new PvP combat strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms by Hothead Games. Your goal is to put together a squad of warriors and special attacks while shooting at the enemy with your fortress’ heavy armaments, while collecting cash and gold and working your way up the ranks of players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mighty Battles!

Your fortress’ gun will be next to useless when you’re attacking the opposing fortress directly. However, when you aim it towards the troops that it lets out, especially the smaller ones, it’ll smoke them very quickly. Tap on the troop that you want to target in order to aim your guns at it.

Because you can do this with your fortress, it becomes very easy to use your cards to flood the enemy fortress with attackers. Pick one side and load that side up with troops, vehicles, and other attackers, and then use your fortress to take out whatever your opponent sends out on the other side. If they start using this trick against you, then switch back to shooting their fortress and send a troop out on the opposite side once in awhile in order to try to eke out a higher-damage-bar win.

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This is one of the few PvP games in existence where you can get the premium currency by a means other than purchasing it with an in-app purchase. In the case of this game, you can earn free gold by waiting for the “FREE BUCKS/EARN GOLD” ticker at the top to switch over to the free gold offers. Tapjoy’s offer wall will pop up with a bunch of offers, many of them which are free, allowing you to rack up the gold for things such as watching videos or playing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and upgrading to level 10 (which will earn you a whopping 5,233 gold).

Each time that you win a battle, you’ll earn chests, which will take awhile to unlock. The common ones will take two hours while the rare ones will take ten hours or more. You can watch an ad video, though, to speed up the opening of a chest. Each video that you watch is worth one hour of unlocking time, so you can keep unlocking chests and earning cards.

Use those cards to upgrade your troops and to earn new troops. When you have enough cards for an upgrade, then you’ll be able to pay cash in order to carry out the upgrade, which will increase the stats of the card in question. Always be modifying your team of cards for the best and most well-rounded combinations (tanks, speed, attackers, and bombs/spells), and upgrade them as soon as you can.