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Million Arthur – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Million Arthur is the smash hit card-battling RPG by Square Enix that has just been localized by Gamevil and brought to the US and other English-speaking audiences. This story-driven game boasts a huge casts of star Japanese artists and voice actors and is written by novelist Kazuma Kamachi. You play as one of around a million Arthurs who has pulled the sword from the stone in Britain, and your goal is to defend it using your cast of knights and your wits. Read on for some tips and tricks for Million Arthur!

You have to keep your cast of cards powerful in order to win battles in this game. It will automatically place the best cards in your party, usually, but it’s always best to go and edit your deck yourself, especially after you earn a new rare card or when you start combining cards. Also, do this when you increase your Battle Cost.

There are many ways to improve your cards. Combining cards is the simplest of all – simply sacrifice the ones that you no longer want to power up the ones that you do still want to keep around. Limit breaking your cards is also fairly simple, if a little bit more rare for cards that are already rare. You need two identical cards to limit break one and sacrifice the other.

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After you limit break a card to the max, you can then evolve it. Evolving it takes a specific mix of material cards that is applicable only to that type of card, but expect huge stat boosts as well as a level drop back down to 1. That makes it very easy to power up your card immensely later on simply by doing a few more combines.

The more friends you have, the more friend points you can get, which you can then use in the card store/gacha. Add any other Arthur you see while you’re exploring. Keep going through the story in the primary story/secondary story tabs and you’ll get rewards for that as well, such as card tickets (which can also be earned in PVP).

Battles happen automatically, but there is a lot of strategy involved in preparing your deck for the battle. Try different card combinations to see what kind of special boosts, bonuses and attacks you can earn by the combination of cards that you put down. Sometimes, a good batch of bonuses can vault a slightly weaker deck ahead of a stronger, “recommended” deck.