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Mino Monsters 2: Evolution – How to get rare, epic, mega and Guardian Minos

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution contains a huge variety of Minos for you to unlock. There are the common ones, which are the majority of the ones you see, but then there are the more rare ones, and even rarer beyond that. The rarer ones are the most difficult to find and acquire, generally. Read on for some tips and tricks on earning rare Minos (and epic, mega and Guardian) in Mino Monsters 2: Evolution!

A surprising number of them can simply be found on the islands. However, you are going to have to carry better candies with you than just the common candy. Bring at least a mega candy with you. Deplete their health as much as possible before you throw the candy to bait them in. The less health they have, the easier they will be to catch.

Evolve your Minos to kick them up a rarity. You can’t evolve non-Guardians into Guardians, but once you evolve any other Mino, they will go up to the next tier in rarity. Level them up first, and be sure to hunt for the required berries so that you can later evolve them when they are ready to evolve.

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Check the chests that you can buy in the store. The monster chests will give you at least a rare, if not an epic. This costs 50 gems so it’s a bit of a roll of the dice. The Dragon Chest doesn’t have all monsters in it, but if you catch a monster and not a guardian stone, it will be the highest non-Guardian rank possible.

Catch one of the Guardian ones by doing the following. Go to the Guardian area and you will see what kind of Guardian stones you need in order to unlock the Guardian. Tap on the pic of the stones, then remember where you have to go in order to get them. Oftentimes it will be events. Then go there and fight to earn them.

Many of the rarest Minos in the whole game are only available by purchasing them in the IAP store. Crystal Island is a weird case because it’s an iAP but once you go there, you can capture the rare Zyphyrmane. PvP rewards, if you are at a high enough rank, can also contain rare Minos.