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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (iOS/Android) Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is the new iOS/Android shooter based on the upcoming latest episode of the MI movies, once against starring Tom Cruise. Your goal in this is to, one by one, eliminate an organization of rogues and terrorists, either by destroying all enemies, destroying their property, or finding exactly one guy and then shooting him. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation!

Almost every enemy in the game follows the same pattern. They will pop out of their hiding spot to shoot at you, then they will hide again to reload their weapons. Sometimes they will poke out from behind their spot or they will hide inefficiently; shoot them when they’re hiding if this is the case. If they are completely hidden, then wait until they are just popping out, then shoot them. Aim at where their head will be when they pop out.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different weapons. The gauss guns can be charge shot, but they are best fired rapidly. You will do more damage and take less damage that way. Machine guns are tougher to aim, but will do a lot of damage even with lousy body aim. Sniper rifles give you the ability to zoom the scope in and out, making it really easy to aim and hit your adversary.

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If you need money for upgrades to play the next level, go to any of the repeatable levels and finish it again. The fastest ones are the single-target levels, but any old level works because you will earn similar amounts of cash either way. Save it up until you have enough for an upgrade, then go purchase one.

There are plenty of ways to get free gold. The main two ways are to go to the IAP store and watch free ad videos for gold. The second is to go to the offer wall that is linked off of the IAP store and complete one of the offers (most of which are free and require no credit information). You will get rewarded as soon as you complete them.

Play all of the testing levels that you can (weapon testing levels) even if you have no intent on buying the weapon. They are a good way to earn a lot of cash, and usually they are extremely easy to complete. If you need to unlock more levels in general, play the intel levels (the ones that are denoted with the shape of a floppy disk).