MLB Ballpark Empire: How to Earn More Coins and MLBucks

MLB Ballpark Empire lets you pick your team and create your very own stadium under your team’s name, as well as play games against both major league teams and against teams that your friends create. Coins are the main currency in the game, and while you can buy most of what you need using coins, you’re going to need a LOT of coins to get what you really want. MLBucks are the premium currency of the game, and they can help you refill tickets as well as buy rare items and items that are needed to complete building projects. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get more of both!

The main way of earning coins, of course, is to play in games, whether they be exhibition or regular season. Play in as many regular season games as you can (one per day unfortunately) to earn mass amounts of coins. Exhibition games earn you less coins, but can be played more often. Set the ticket price higher, but not to the maximum price, because that will drive fans away from the stadium, causing you to earn less coins.

Win more games, and you’ll get more fans, and therefore earn more coins regardless of the ticket prices. The fans in this game, just like in real life, will pay more to watch a good team. Plus, keep your concessions upgraded, and buy as much promotional stuff as possible (banners, signs) because the more promo material you have, the more coins you will earn from concessions.

Quests, of course, are an excellent way to earn coins, and each time you gain one Fandom level, you earn a whole bunch of coins as a reward. Your reward will be equal to 2,000 coins times your level – for example, if you make level 10, you’ll get 20,000 coins.

Load up your surrounding area with facilities and have jobs running at the facilities constantly. This isn’t a huge coin earner, but it certainly adds up, which is important as you get further into the game and start trying to replicate your actual stadium (rather than just building the wood stadium).

Completing quests is the top way to earn free MLBucks. Very rarely, too, you might get a free MLBuck instead of coins when you tap on someone requesting a concession. However, mainly you’re going to have to stick to buying MLBucks.

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