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MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 is a new one-touch player versus player baseball game for the iOS and Android platforms. All that you do in this game is hit and control the base runners, and you and other players go back-and-forth, inning by inning, trying to score the most runs off of each other’s pitchers. You can earn cash and gold, cards to upgrade your players, and even upgrades for the coaching staff. Read on for some tips and tricks for MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017!

There are two keys to effective hitting in this game. You have to swing the bat at the right time, and the ball should be as close to the middle of the plate as possible. If a pitch is outside or inside, don’t swing at it. You won’t tire out the pitcher by taking more balls because this game does not track pitcher tiredness; you will, however, give yourself a better chance to take a walk or to find a good pitch to hit.

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You have to tap the screen a little bit before your batter would normally start the swing in order to time it right. If you tap too late, you will never get a hit no matter how perfect the pitch is. The closest thing to a hint that you will get will be a foul ball.

The power level of a player determines how likely they will be to hit a homerun if you get a perfectly timed pitch. Even low power players can still hit homeruns, but high power players have a better chance of it. They also have a better shot at hitting doubles and triples due to how much further their line drives go.

You’ll also be able to make decisions about whether to stay at a base or to take off if there is a scenario in which you could possibly earn an extra base during a hit. Make this decision based off of your runners speed and how far the ball has been ahead, as well as the position of the outfielder. If the ball gets stuck against the wall because the outfielder was in a terrible position or if you have a really fast baserunner, go for it. You also get opportunities to steal bases if you have a fast runner on first with nobody on second.

Gold is the premium currency of the game. While the fastest way to earn gold is to buy at using an in-app purchase, at the top of the screen you will find a video offer icon next to the cash and gold counters. Tap it and an advertisement video will play, and once it finishes and you will earn some free gold. There are also free offers for a gold right next to the paid purchases in the gold store.