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MMX Hill Climb – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

MMX Hill Climb is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platforms, where you race your monster truck against your opponent’s monster truck, not only for time but for survival. You try to rack up distance, collect as many coins as possible and go as far as you can, and with your winnings you can unlock new cars, courses, and upgrades for your current car. Read on for some tips and tricks for MMX Hill Climb!

Staying in control of your vehicle is just as important as going fast. When you go off of a jump, the gas pedal all of a sudden becomes a “tilt backwards” pedal, while the brake becomes a “tilt forwards” pedal. Letting off of the gas will also cause you to tilt forward. Try to land as flat to the next piece of track as possible so that you can go flat-out after you land.

You have two types of currency in this game, gold and upgrade points, and both of them essentially do the same thing. Watch videos to earn free gold, and collect your free gift whenever it becomes available. You can also watch a video to double your free gift when you collect it. If you don’t have the upgrade points, you can still upgrade your vehicle in a 1:1 swap for gold.

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Upgrade all of your cars’ characteristics at around the same pace. If one of them is upgraded more quickly than the others, then it will either be useless or, if it’s the speed upgrade, it will end up overwhelming the vehicle. You need more grip and better stability to deal with more speed or you will end up with a vehicle that flips way too easily.

If you want to work toward a record time on an old level, go back to the old level after giving your vehicle a ton of upgrades and do that until you set the record. The faster you go, the better the reward, and oftentimes you can collect more upgrade points from within the level itself than you can if you go back to the new level instead.

You can spend huge amounts of gold on buying a brand new car. For most of the new cars, though, the alternative way to earn a new vehicle is to make it to a specific level, then complete that level within the specified time limit. Go to the vehicle store and scroll over to the one that you want and you’ll see what you have to do in order to earn it.