MMX Racing – How to get free cash and gold

MMX Racing is the iOS and Android platform’s new smash hit monster truck racing game. Your goal is to take your crappy old truck, race it, upgrade it gradually until it turns into an insane, giant-tired hot rod with enough horsepower to spin the earth backwards, and then continue racing it until you finally make it all the way to the top. Cash is the main currency of this game, and it’s the most common of the two. Gold, of course, is the rare one. Read on to find out how to get free cash and gold in MMX Racing!

The main way to get free cash and gold is to watch the advertisement videos tht are inside of the in app purchase store. Go to the currency shop and scroll all the way to the right in the bottom tab bar in order to find the buttons. You can watch advertisement videos for either 350 cash apiece, or one gold each. Watch them until you run out. Then watch some more.

In between watching those videos, thre is one other main way to get free gold, and that is to gain enough experience until you level up. Once you gain one experience level, you will earn one gold as a reward. Plus, when you beat the prime time battle bosses, there is a chance that you can earn free gold.

Cash is earned fairly easily. All that you have to do is participate in, and win, races; however, if you lose a race you will earn barely any cash. You earn your main reward from winning; you also earn cash as bonuses for your performance (the more greats and awesomes you get, the more cash)

Put vinyls and decorations on your trucks, because the more decorations you have (and the more expensive the decoration), the more cash you will earn. However, sometimes it’s not necessarily worth it to put them on, depending on how expensive they are and how much they earn you per race.

Pick winnable races to ensure that you have the best cash earning ability. Stay away from the tougher difficulty races until you have enough upgrades to actually see the difficulty level drop in the main screen. The good old fashioned exhibition races (as well as ladders) will be good enough. Plus when you win the final ladder race, you will receive a free, HUGE bonus.

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