Mobile Royale: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Mobile Royale is a new MMO real-time strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms that combines features from multiple different kinds of mobile strategies and RPGs to create an entire unique and new type of game. For one thing, everybody plays on one gigantic server, instead of having multiple servers, for added fairness and a lessened chance of pay-to-win shenanigans taking over the game.

You have all of the expected resource-gathering and troop-training that takes place in this type of game, as well as battling against other players, computer-controlled monsters, and more. You can play battles automatically for speed purposes, or manually for a greater emphasis on strategy. Plus, you can join guilds and play alongside other players for greater advantages and rewards.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Mobile Royale!

Quests are good to do early on in the game when you’re still figuring everything out, but once you learn the layout and the locations, start skipping the quests and completing all possible construction as quickly as possible. You can time-skip anything that takes less than five minutes to complete, or you if it takes more than five minutes, wait for it to drop below five minutes and you can do the free time skip again.

Race through all of that, then go back and collect all of your quest rewards to load up on experience points, food, gold, wood, and stone. If you want to hold back some rewards in order to avoid having resources stolen by other players when you get attacked, though, wait to claim rewards until you really need them for construction or troops. If you haven’t claimed a reward, it can’t be stolen.

Even if you are a free-to-play player of the game who doesn’t use in-app purchases, you can still increase your VIP level by doing various actions within the game. This includes simply logging in for consecutive days, completing quests, and more. Keep an eye on your VIP status, and keep an eye on what you an do to increase it and add points to your VIP rank.

Make sure that you are always doing something to improve your kingdom in this game. At minimum, you can build or upgrade one building at a time and you can train troops at the same time, always. Research can also be completed at the same time as both construction and troop training, so complete all of the research that you can at the same time.

Put a special emphasis on your farms so that you can make as much food as possible. The more troops that you have, the more food that you’ll constantly lose, and if you have too many troops and not enough farms, or not high-enough level farms, then your net food gain will be in the negatives, causing you to run out after awhile.

Do as much construction and troop-training as you can within the first three days of playing this game. For the first three days you’ll have a shield that prevents you from getting attacked by other players. Spend as much of your day as possible building, upgrading, researching, training, and speeding up everything so that you can be extra strong by the time your three-day shield wears off.

If you join a guild and it turns out your teammates aren’t active, you can leave that guild whenever you want and look for a new guild. Look for an active guild where the majority of players are active, so that you can get a ton of construction help and give help as well, and so that you can earn as many guild bonuses as possible.

For battles, start off doing auto-battles as that’s all you will need to do for the most basic battles. As you get further into the game, though, monsters will get tougher, so you will need to switch over to manual battling in order to use targeting strategy to wisely make it further against higher-leveled enemies. And be sure to complete as many campaigns as possible.

Heroes can be summoned and promoted with soulstones, like in a lot of mobile RPGs. Campaigns are a great source of them. For the best farming, finish a normal campaign chapter and then play the elite version of the same chapter. They’re difficult and will most likely require manual fighting rather than auto fighting, but the rewards will be far better to match with the higher difficulty.

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