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Mobile Strike – How to get free Gold

Mobile Strike is the latest RTS for the iOS and Android platforms by Machine Zone (under their Epic War LLC substudio) the makers of Game of War: Fire Age. There are a number of different resources to collect as is the norm for games like this, and gold is the premium resource of the game. While most of what you might know about collecting gold involves in-app purchases of some kind, there are plenty of ways to get free gold. Read on to find out how to get free gold in Mobile Strike!

You start off the game with 400 free gold. As you go through some of the beginning quests, you’ll earn more gold as a reward for completing the missions. In particular, if you connect the game to Facebook, you will receive 100 free gold as a bonus for doing so.

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That’s not where the Facebook bonuses end either. If you list a friend as a referral, then you earn 40 free gold and so will they. Try to refer your friends, especially people that you know enjoy Game of War or other RTS games. When they sign up, you get a gold bonus. As they level up their commander, you will get even more gold bonuses.

Outside of the Facebook realm, there are still plenty of opportunities. Tap on the challenges tab to see what the current challenges are. Most of them involve alliances, although some may not, so be sure you are in an active alliance. Place high in the challenge and you’re very likely to receive gold depending on what the set prizes for the challenge are.

Free gold can sometimes pop up where you don’t expect it, too. For example, free gold is possible through the shooting range, although it very rarely happens. Also, while it almost never happens, it might be possible to earn free gold from the “correct and earn” option, where you fix translations and compete for prizes.

Use your gold wisely as well, and save it when you don’t need to spend it. The need to buy speed-ups with gold can be mitigated if you are part of an active alliance, since you can send construction and research to them for help. Other various packs and crates can be earned through missions or from raids, or even from the translation corrector.