MoBu 2 – Race With Friends: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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MoBu 2 is a new vine-swinging multiplayer racing game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can race against your friends or against random players to compete for bananas and for being the top racer in the game. You can get spell cards for racing advantages, buy new uniform items for customization and to show off your riches, and earn both bananas and crystals. Read on for some tips and tricks for MoBu 2!

There is both an adventure mode and an arena mode in this game. Adventure mode is the single-player fixed-course mode, and is a great place to practice your vine-swinging in order to get faster and to earn bananas without having to spend them to begin with. You can earn up to three stars per level; the faster that you complete the race, the more stars that you earn.

The arena is where the real fun begins. First and foremost is to survive, and that means dealing with all of the obstacles thrown your way. When the bats come, swipe up to try to swing over them, or tap as quickly as possible in order to latch back on if your rope gets cut. When the double-vision gets used against you, focus on the slightly-more-opaque image as that’s your actual position, and try to ignore the slightly-more-transparent image.

To keep the speed going, and to keep your ape more controllable, use quick taps and swipe up each time when you tap. This keeps you moving at a consistent rate, and it keeps you level. Keeping the swipes going consistently will also make you more aware, so that you can swipe down or up more as needed in order to avoid stalactites and bats and keep from having to start over again from the beginning.

As you win in either mode, you gain experience, which leads to gaining levels. As you level, you’ll unlock more difficult and more expensive arenas with bigger prizes. At level 8, you unlock the novice league, and at level 15, you unlock the professional league. At even higher levels, you can unlock the legendary league and the fantastic league.

Crystals are the premium currency of the game, and as such, they’re tougher to earn than bananas are. You can earn 50 free crystals by linking your game to your Facebook account. Crystals can be used to buy premium clothing to show off your in-game wealth, as well as to buy more bananas.

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