Monopoly Hotels for iPhone: How to get free gold

As you probably already know if you are reading this, Monopoly Hotels is a free game for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to run your own hotel group. You start with one hotel, and then shortly into the game you can buy more hotels, and pretty soon, you can run the whole skyline and become a major hotel tycoon. Your main sources of currency in Monopoly Hotels are monopoly money, of course, and also gold. Gold is the premium currency of the game, and it is very hard to come by, but there are ways to get free gold. Read on to find out how to get free gold in Monopoly Hotels.

The first free gold that you can get is very early on, in the tutorial of the game. Mr Moneybags will give you one free gold and tell you to use it to speed up constuction on a room. However, you don’t need to use it in order to complete the tutorial. Simply wait for the construction to be completed, and once it is complete, you can finish the tutorial without spending your piece of free gold.

After all of that is done, there is currently one known way to get free gold. Up at the top of the screen where you can choose to buy more gold, there is also an option to let you complete offers and earn gold for completing them. Many of these offers are free offers, such as watching a video and then earning free gold for it. Complete all of the available free offers and you will earn quite a bit of gold. Check those offers again every so often, because new free offers and videos will be added regularly that allow you to earn good without spending a single penny of real money.

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