Monopoly Hotels guide part 2: More tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

If you are reading this, you already know that Monopoly Hotels is a pseudo city builder based on the board game Monopoly, except that it involves hotels only. You can customize your hotels any way you want to, with all kinds do attractions and guest rooms, all of which have the potential to make you some money, more money, or even more money. The following tips and tricks can help you accomplish objectives and complete collections faster, as well as to make money and gain experience levels faster. Read on!

Use the delete function to delete rooms at the hotel that you no longer need. If you have previously used a room to complete a collection, you can delete that room and still keep your collection, therefore this trick allows you to complete more and more collections with less hotel space. To get to the delete function, go to the Monopoly Hotels game screen and go to the options menu, which looks like a gear. Then go to the delete function, and choose which rooms you want to delete. Now replace them with whatever other room you want to replace it with in order to complete other missions. Even better, replace worthless rooms from the early missions, such as horse rooms, or rooms that take up too much space, such as wheelbarrow rooms, with rooms that are space efficient and make money such as thimble rooms.

As you get further into the game and have more money you should start replacing thimble and other rooms with top hat rooms. You only have to collect from them once every six hours but they pay out massive amounts of experience points and cash and they only take up a 1 x 1 area of the hotel, making them very space efficient.

As far as attractions go, cupcake stores are a good way to gain experience as they pay out 4 exp every time you collect, and are ready every 15 minutes. Don’t use then if you don’t want to check the game constantly though.

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