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Monpla Smash for iPhone: How to get rare monsters, smash coins (SC) and energy drinks

In Monpla Smash, you can get all kinds of rare monsters in addition to your regular assortment of common monsters, you can get all kinds of rare monsters too. Problem is, they are just that – rare! Energy drinks let you get rare eggs, continue a battle after you lose, or recover energy after you run out completely. Smash Coins are the premium currency of the game. So how do you get more of all three? Read on!

To get more rare monsters, you need to spend energy drinks, normally. It takes 5 energy drinks to unlock one rare monster. You can get energy drinks one of two ways. You can spend smash coins on an energy drink, or you can get energy drinks as a reward after you beat a boss battle.

There are more ways to get rare monsters, though. It is very rare, but sometimes, although not very frequently, rare monsters pop up under normal circumstances in normal stages. When a rare monster DOES pop up, save your smash attack until the rare monster pops up, wait til it has about half energy, then use your smash attack and smash the rare monster to defeat it and cause the egg to pop up.

Also, every so often a quest full of rare monsters will appear in a banner at the top of the level select screen. When it does, play that quest as often as possible until the limited time promotions end.

To get smash coins, or SC for short, right now, the only way to do it is to buy them with real money. There currently aren’t any promotions offering free SC, although there might be in the future.

To get more energy drinks, you can buy them using SC, in addition to the ones that you win through boss battles.

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