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Monster & Commander: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Monster & Commander is a new mobile RPG for the iOS, and coming soon for the Andorid platform. Your goal in this game is to pick a ship, a monster, a commander, and a crew, and battle it out through stage after stage of enemy fighters, using your standard attacks and special skills against them to advance forward through level after level. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster & Commander!

When you pick a monster, a commander, a ship or a crew, you lose energy, but they automatically produce by themselves before that. If you want to go without using any energy, then simply go to the level select screen, pick a level, and then the game will automatically assign you a monster, a commander, a crew and a ship. No energy at all will be used that way but you will still get a strong batch of people.

You can either start using special attacks right away, or let them build up for a bit so that you can fire them off, one after the other, all at once during the boss round. If you do decide to use them right away, aim them at the area where your crew is struggling the most, so that you can give them an assist and keep them around for the boss fight; otherwise, spread the damage around.

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If you connect the game to Facebook, you and your friends can send each other free energy. If you have already connected and you have no friends who play the game, invite friends who you know play mobile games, or go to the Monster & Commander Facebook group and look for people who are a part of the group. Or go to the comment section of this article or to the review pages on the App Store or Google Play.

Keep adding buildings to your village as long as you have the coins to do so. All of the ones you start out with (Guardian Tree, etc) will have free unlocks for you to open every so often. Get the Witch’s Hut and you will be able to put to use all of the materials that you collect, by crafting them into new items, weapons, armor and more. The Sacrifice Pit and Gems Mine let you get free gold and gems without spending any money. The Barracks will let you level up your characters a lot faster.

In the absence of owning barracks, though, if you get stuck on a tough area, the quickest way to get past it is to level up your characters by going back to an old level, playing it as many times as you need to in order to level your monsters, commanders, and crew, and then going back to the newer level and playing that again.