Monster Galaxy tips for Facebook: How to get more star seeds, whistles and blue coffee

Gaia Online’s first big entry into the Facebook soical game world, Monster Galaxy, has been quite a successful one. The theme of collecting monsters takes its inspiration from Pokemon. But if you’re reading this, you already know this, and you just want the tips.

Star seeds are used for catching the moga, just like Pokemon’s poke-balls. Blue Coffee recovers a Moga’s energy, and Whistles are used for special summoning attacks which do massive amounts of damage to your enemy. All of these are something that you always want more of, so here’s how to get more of what you need.

There are two main ways to find more whistles. The first and most obvious way is to get them off of your whistle tree whenever it’s ready to harvest. If you wait too long to harvest your whistle tree and it wilts, you can still harvest the whistle right after watering your tree. You can’t lose a whistle from your tree.

The other method to get more whistles is to harvest them off of your friends’ whistle trees as well. Using this method you can earn an unlimited number of whistles per day depending on how many friends or neighbors you have and how many of them have whistle trees that are ready to harvest. Add more friends and neighbors who play the game, and you have an opportunity to get more and more whistles.

Star seeds are even more important than whistles, as they are what you use in order to catch more Moga and to build up your collection. There are three ways to get more star seeds.

The first way is to simply collect star seeds every 8 hours. It used to be that you couldn’t get more star seeds at random but now they, like whistles, can be collected after certain amounts of time. The second way is to win star seeds in battle. Wild Moga will randomly drop star seeds when you beat them. Some players report that the forest is the best place to pick up extra star seeds, but as always it’s at random. The higher the moga’s level that you fight and beat, the higher your chances of getting a star seed after winning the battle against the moga. The third and final way to earn more star seeds is to complete quests as quickly as possible. The more quests you complete, the more star seeds you earn, so use this to your advantage and complete quests as soon as absslutely possible.

In order to build a more powerful team of moga, catch Moga that are strong but not that rare first, because the ease of catching a new Moga depends not upon the strength and/or level of the moga, but the rarity of the moga and how many hit points the moga has left. Catch the least rare moga at the highest level possible so you have to do less and less moga training and level grinding, and then use your powerful, common moga to weaken the rare moga and catch them.

Blue coffee is the hardest of all of the items to find. The only way to get more blue coffee is to finish more quests and collect the rewards. Every quest won’t earn you more blue coffee, but some of them will, and those are the only way to do it. Your best bet is simply to conserve your blue coffee and have your moga take naps when you want them to recover hit points, which is free.

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