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Monster High @ High School Story – How to get the Monster High characters

High School Story has recently had a name change to Monster High @ High School Story for rather obvious reasons – that being the addition of new Monster High characters to the game. Each of the four characters from the Monster High series can now be added to your high school, where they can mingle and interact with all of your other characters. Read on for some tips on how to get the Monster High characters in Monster High @ High School Story!

Assuming that you have not yet done the tutorial, you can get the characters right away, with one catch – that it has to be as an in-app purchase. Right now Draculaura costs $3.99 to purchase. Next you have Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo De Nile, and Frankie Stein. All of these cost $4.99 each. Ghoulia Yelps and Lagoona Blue have not been added to the game yet but they might be at a later date.

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These are all found by going to the main store in the game and tapping on the tab right above where you can purchase new classmates. There will be a Monster High tab and if you tap on it, you will open the store that will allow you to buy all of the new characters.

You can also purchase a Monster High hangout for $9.99. However, it is not necessary to own one to get the Monster High girls and place them. You can put them wherever you want them, any hangout that you have available space in. They will go into any one of them.

Can you get them for free without IAPs? Well, right now there is a series of Monster High quests that you can complete. It’s possible that they will show up as a reward afterward you finish all of the quests, but so far, nobody has finished them all, so it’s impossible to verify. If you have, then post in the comments and tell us what happened.

Otherwise, the only way that we know of to get them for free is to look for any iTunes or Google Play gift cards that you have laying around, add them to your account, then use them to make the purchases. In addition, right now it is not possible to party with the Monster High characters, but in the future it might be.