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Monster Legends Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Monster Legends is a new game by Socialpoint, the makers of Dragon City, that came out for Facebook first, and is now out for iOS, and eventually for Android as well. The gameplay follows Dragon City, as well as many of the other dragon- and monster-breeding games out there, but with an added battle component a la Pokemon, allowing you to battle your monsters against other players and in quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Legends!

If you are playing the iOS version of the game, you can sometimes (SOMETIMES) do the time lapse cheat to skip any waiting that you have to do (for an egg to hatch, for example). However, oftentimes after you do the trick, the game will stop working properly for the amount of time that you cut off (for example, if you set the time ahead for 8 hours, you’ll have to set the time back to normal and then wait an actual 8 hours for it to work again). So use at your own risk.

If you run out of space for buildings and whatnot on your set of islands, then start moving your buildings around until you have space to place something. Place your buildings as closely together as possible. Then, start clearing off bushes, rocks and other stuff in order of how long they take to clear and how much they cost to clear.

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Earn as much gold as possible by maximizing the habitats which earn the highest maximum amount of gold, such as the nature habitat which can earn up to 3,000 gold before it stops earning for you. If you want to earn a ton of gold, place all of your other habitats in storage and fill your space with nature habitats, with one green monster in each one. Leave it overnight and then come back and collect tens of thousands of gold in the morning. Then store the ones you don’t need and put the other habitats back out.

Try to have as many dual-type monsters as you can to use as your main battling party. Concentrate on feeding them more than the others, since feeding monsters upgrades their stats for battle, and have as many farms as possible so that you can collect as much food as possible.

If you want to find friends but you don’t have anybody else who plays the game on Facebook, find people to add by checking the comments of this article or the App Store, or the official Facebook page of the game.