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Monster Maestro for iPhone: How to get more Gems, Friendship Points and Coins

Monster Maestro is like a cross between a pen and paper RPG (such as Dungeons and Dragons), and a monster collecting RPG such a Pokemon. In Monster Maestro, your premium currency is gems, which can be used to buy such nice things as gold card packs and premium items in the store like energy drinks. Coins are the main currency, and are used for just about everything else. Both of them are necessary to advancing in the game, so read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are a few ways to get coins in this game. One of them is to simply go to the quest screen and complete quests. You can earn coins from each step you take in the quests, and in addition, you can find treasure chests as you advance forward, many of which contain large amounts of coins.

Battle other players and win in order to earn larger amounts of coins too. More importantly, shore up your defenses so that other players can’t defeat you so easily. Keeping your coins is just as imperative as earning them in the first place, and if you defeat other players who try to battle you (by having a higher defense rating), you won’t lose coins. You will lose coins if they beat you.

Of course, you can also trade excess cards and items to friends and others using the “trade” tab in order to get more coins.

To get more friendship points, load up your friend list to its maximum capacity. Each friend you have earns you a set amount of points every day that you log in, so the more friends, the more points. Send cheers to your friends once every 2 hours as well (this is as often as you can), because each cheer that you send earns you even more friendship points. You can go to the Cheats and tips for iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook games!