Monster Merge – Tips, Cheats, Upgrade and Money Guide

Monster Merge is a new idle monster-merging game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to merge monsters together to make rarer monsters, earn a whole bunch of coins, and go for the rarest monsters possible. You can get rarer and rarer monsters and earn massive amounts of coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Merge!

Faster Merging
Tap on the fast-forward button to make everything go quicker. This includes not only the speed at which new monsters drop onto the level, but also the speed at which monsters earn coins once you place them into the tree, well, or other upgraded building. Double-tap the fast forward button with two fingers to make it go extra quickly.

Eggs and video ads
Eggs will start to fall down as you play, as long as you have open spaces, and when you tap them, a rarer monster will unlock. You can either accept it as is, or you can watch a video ad to level it up by one before you place it. Plus, video ads will allow you to either double your offline earnings or to earn double the cash for awhile (by hitting the 2x button in the upper right corner of the screen).

Spend coins wisely
You can buy rarer monsters using coins, and when you unlock the next monster up on the board, you’ll also unlock the next one up on the store. If you run out of coins, you can watch a video ad in order to get a free monster, as well. Watch as many of these ads as you can if you have the patience and want to speed-upgrade to the next level up.

Buying boosts using in-app purchases
Hit the up arrow button to bring up a list of permanent upgrades that you can make with in-app purchases. You can spawn level 2 monsters for 99 cents or speed everything up for $1.99. For $2.99 you can double your chances of eggs and gift chests. For $5.99 you can get rewards without having to watch ad videos.

Cheat using the time settings
Use the time lapse cheat for offline income and upgrading your coin-earning area. Set the time ahead for about an hour and all of your monsters, including your sleeping ones, will contribute to the offline income. Plus, your work area will be ready to upgrade immediately, as the bar will fill up immediately. You can set the time back to normal whenever you want to and the game will run as usual.