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Monster Mountain – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Monster Mountain is a new RPG for the iPhone and iPad. This game takes the mobile RPG mold and pairs it with a very beautiful art style akin to Samurai Jack that has drawn players into the game at a rapid pace. You can play with a selection of characters to build a team of up to 4, battling, going through events and fighting bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Mountain!

You have both melee and ranged characters that you can put into your party, as well as others. It doesn’t matter what position you put them in, especially with ranged, as there is no advantage to defense or targeting. Melee characters have a slightly shorter distance to move when they attack if they are in the front though, so put your melee characters in front.

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You have normal attacks and skill attacks that can be used by your characters in battle. Make sure to use the skill attacks as soon as they become available. Some of the skills are attacks, while others allow you to heal your party (which, in this case, use them when you need to heal, not right when they become available). The more accurately that you draw the associated gesture, the more effective the skill will be.

There are seven different races of character that you can use, as well as six different fighting classes, so keep both races and classes in mind when you pick a matchup to use in battle, or when you are deciding which enemy character to target with which character of yours. It’s best to have a good mix of different types, and of different races, but if you are having trouble on a specific story area that’s concentrated with one race of character, then tailor your team for that.

Try to get as many rare characters as you can in Call to Arms and add them to your team. Crystals buy better characters than coins do, but both have a chance at earning you three or four star characters (five-star characters are generally mainly earned via crystals though). Participate in the events and rank as high as possible for a better shot at earning rare characters and crystals.

Five-star potential characters will start off weaker than less rare characters, but keep them around even when they seem weak. Their potential is a whole hell of a lot higher because they can evolve five times, and the more that they evolve, the higher a level that you can enchant them up to.