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Monster Quest for iOS and Android: How to get more energy and stamina

Monster Quest is a new game from GREE and Funzio, blending Funzio’s blend of mission-centered gameplay and player vs player battles with GREE’s blend of monster collecting. Energy allows you to complete quests in any of the quest-completing stages, such as the Howling Cairn or the Lakeshore or Mossgrave Farm, or anywhere else on the map. Stamina is important for player vs player battles, because each time that you invade or attack another player, it costs you one stamina point in order to do so. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to get more energy is simply to wait for it to regenerate. Each time that you complete an action in a quest stage, it costs you a certain amount of energy. In addition, each time that another monster attacks your monster while you are completing these quests, you end up losing energy.

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So in addition to waiting for it to regenerate, you can actually use less energy if you use fusion to create more powerful monsters before you complete quests. The more powerful monsters that you have, the less energy that you will expend in the process of completing quests.

Every time that you gain one experience level, you will earn a full refill of your energy. To maximize the effect of this, try to time the gain of an experience level so that it happens when you are almost out of energy. Do this so that when you gain an experience level, you will earn as much of an energy refill as possible; that way, you can complete that many more quests in your effort to advance through the game.

To gain more stamina, the same as above applies. The stamina regenerates as time goes on, and you gain all of your stamina back when you gain one experience level. However, once you gain an experience level, you can also spend skill points on increasing your stamina. If you do this, you will have more maximum stamina that you can use to attack other players, thereby allowing you to participate more in player vs player interactions.