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Monster Story for iPhone: Tips and cheats to get more coins

In Monster Story for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, coins are the primary currency of the game. You use coins to buy anything from new monster eggs to new monster habitats, and to upgrade monsters. You can also use them to buy more farms, to buy new buildings, and simply to generally advance further in the game. Conversely, it is also extremely easy to run out of coins, but to prevent running out of coins, read on for tips and a cheat on how to get more coins!

To get more coins without cheating, make sure that you have the maximum amount of habitats, but try to avoid having more than one Blue Marsh. Once the Big Blue Marsh becomes unlockable, however, you can get it. You want to go for the habitats that can hold the most coins at once before you have to collect from them.

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Now, here’s how to cheat to get more coins. This doesn’t work all the time, but when it does, you’ll benefit very nicely from it. While the game is open, set the device that you are playing it with an hour or a few hours ahead. Then go back to the game itself and collect from all of the monster habitats. After you do this, IMMEDIATELY hit the menu button to get to the iPhone menu before the game normalizes itself with the main server’s time. Then close out the game and reopen it. Set the time back to normal, then open the game back up.

While much of the time it doesn’t actually work, often you’ll keep either all of the coins you gained, or a fraction of the coins that you gained. You can also do it backwards, setting the time backwards, “collecting” from all of the habitats, and then letting the game normalize itself using the time on the main server, then going back to your time and setting it back to normal, and collecting from your habitats again. This version of the trick is actually far more reliable than the previous version.