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Monsters Ate My Metropolis – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Monsters Ate My Metropolis is the latest in the wacky series by Adult Swim and PikPok, and unlike the previous ones, this is a competitive, PvP card battling game. Your goal is to build up a whole deck full of attacks, both for your city, so that you can defend against attacking players, and for your monsters, so that you can maul other players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monsters Ate My Metropolis!

The main thing to remember in every one of your battles is the order of effectiveness for all of your cards. Red is strong against green, which is strong against yellow, which is strong against blue, which is strong against red. If you get the right match against your opponent then you will drop the power of their attack in half and double the power of yours. If you get the losing end of a color battle, you’ll get the reverse effect.

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Try to include as many poison and drain cards in your deck as possible. Poison cards will drain extra energy after the attack lands, for the next two to four turns depending on the specific card. A drain attack will give you energy as it drains the energy from your opponent. The advantages are small per single attack but they add up in spades over time.

Usually your deck will hold one or two big-damage cards. Once it pops up, don’t use it right away. Save it for when you know you can get a color advantage (or a probable advantage) with it, because you’ll do insane amounts of damage and even if you are losing the fight at the time, you can end up throwing the fight directly in your favor.

You can get free gems for watching advertisement videos, five at a time. Watch as many as you can until you have enough gems built up to purchase at least one of the OMG packs, as they tend to give you gold cards almost every time, with a chance of diamond. If you have enough diamonds to spend 2,500 on a ten pack, you will be guaranteed a diamond card.

Always go for the fighter who will give you the most population as a reward for winning. There is very little strength difference between them and a lower-ranking fighter, and usually people neglect adding strong cards to their cities.