Monsters With Attitude: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Monsters With Attitude takes the world-destroying gameplay of a type of game and mixes it with MMORTS-style strategy, card collecting, and upgrading. Your goal here is to pick a monster and use the monster to destroy as much of the city as possible within a given amount of time.

You can earn coins, collect gems, and upgrade your monsters to make them even better and more powerful. You can open chestbots to earn cards for character upgrades, and even for new monsters as well.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Monsters with Attitude!

During the levels themselves, look around for the objects that will earn you the most points. In the early stages, this is the farms; you can race through them quickly and earn a ton of points, so that you can grow and make it to first place quickly.

Once you get a little bit later in the round, look for the bright-colored ectoplasm-shaped blobs floating around. These are points knocked off of other players. Gobble them up because these give you a ton of points much more quickly.

Stay away from the large structures such as buildings and water towers. These take a lot of hits to destroy, no matter how big you are (unless you are the largest you have ever been), and they never give you enough points to be worth it, especially compared to the ectoplasms.

As you win rounds, you’ll earn chestbots, which give you rewards as you open them. The main ones that you earn from levels themselves take awhile to open. Open the short ones while you’re playing actively, and start opening the long ones before you go to bed.

Even if you fill up all of your slots, you can still get free chestbots by winning and earning stars. Once you earn five stars, you get a free chestbot. You also get three chestbots per day at timed intervals, once per three hours or so.

When you see a green number next to the card icon, that means that either a character is ready to upgrade or one of their skills is. If you have enough of the character’s cards, or enough of the specific skill’s cards, you can upgrade them. You need coins, too, but they never cost that many.

If you have an abundance of gems, you can spend them on extra chestbots, too. Hit the store and do so; You can also buy coins, or you can use gems to speed up your current bots, which is far cheaper than buying new bots.

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