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Montopia for iOS and Android Evolution Guide: How to evolve monsters via co-op fusion

In Montopia for the iOS and Android OS platforms, your goal is to collect cards, go on adventures and battle other players. Eventually, your goal is also to collect all of the monsters in the game, which is something you cannot do without knowing how to evolve one card into another card. Unfortunately, though, it’s not very clear within the game how you evolve one card into another card, but read on for some information on how to make it happen!

Evolution happens through fusion mode. First, you need to go to fuse mode, and pick out a base card. To figure out if your base card can evolve or not, look at the picture of the monster, and look in the lower left corner of the picture for an arrow that’s shaped like a lightning bolt, pointing upwards. If that arrow isn’t there, then the monster can’t evolve, but if it is there, you have a monster that can, in fact, evolve.

As far as what the mixer monster is, it’s actually not very important, but it seems to work best to have a mixer monster of the same type as the base monster (for example, if the base is water, the mixer should be water), although it’s unknown if this actually matters or not.

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Either way, though, just fuse that base monster with one mixer monster. You will randomly get a popup that says “WAIT!”. When this popup happens, the game will say that the monster looks odd, and prompt you to do a co-op fusion. Once that happens, to do a co-op fusion, you will need to either spend 90 Cash, or enlist the help of your crewmates to finish it out.

Send the requests to your crewmates, it will pop up in their inbox. You can resend the requests as many times as you want to, so if you don’t have that many crewmates, go to the menu and pick a way to add people to your crew (search by level, Facebook friends, et cetera), then once you have more crewmates, send the request back out by going to the “Fuse” menu again, tapping on the co-op fusions button, and tapping on the one you want to send a request for.


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