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Moonvale 2: Puzzle Adventure – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Moonvale 2: Puzzle Adventure is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that blends puzzle RPGs and animal-raising games (such as DragonVale). Your goal is to build a collection of habitats and animals, collect coins and crystals, and use match-three skills to defeat more and more difficult enemies. Your hero’s abilities can make the difference in each round, and you can bring up to three heroes at a time per match. Read on for some tips and tricks for Moonvale 2: Puzzle Adventure!

Not only do your heroes have their own special abilities, but your overall attack power and health are determined by the heroes that you take into battle. This is where growing food comes into play. Grow food and then you can use it to feed your heroes. Feed them and their level will be upgraded. Each time that their level is upgraded, their attack power and their health increase. Go into battle with the highest level heroes possible for the best chance at an easy win.

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Many of your heroes’ abilities will involve changing tiles into different-colored tiles, colors that match the element of the hero. Some heroes, though, such as the rooster marksman, have speial abilities that directly deal damage to the enemy, making these arguably far more valuable in the long run than the others. Focus on clearing as many attack tiles as possible though for the best chance to win, even at the detriment of your special abilities.

Check the tavern as often as you possibly can in order to get more hero fragments. Hero fragments are used to unlock new heroes and add them to your lineup. If you have enough fragments of an existing hero, you can evolve them and upgrade their star tier to a higher level, which will increase their base stats, and make every single level up more effective. You will also need elixir and gem fragments of their corresponding color.

Earn as much elixir as you can but before you spend it, know your options. You can use it to upgrade the star tier of a hero, but you can also go to the store with it, go to the heroes menu, and purchase one of the books. The 50-elixir books will earn you a regular or rare hero and 7 random fragments, while the 120-elixir books will earn you a rare or legendary hero and 14 random fragments from creatures.

 If you want to earn extra coins and crystals quickly, go to the daily quests menu and check it, then complete quests that you haven’t yet finished on that menu. Most of them will earn you more coins but some of them, such as logging onto Facebook, are worth crystals. Go back to the menu to collect any rewards that you have earned