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Mortal Kombat X (iOS/Android): How to get more Souls

Mortal Kombat X is the first mobile f2p iPhone, iPad and Android app entry into the massively popular fighting game franchise that has run strong for the last 23 years. Souls are the premium currency of this game, and quite appropriately, considering the subject matter. Not to mention, collection is one of the most important elements of this game, and Souls facilitate that. Read on to find out how to get more Souls!

One of the main ways to get more souls is to complete the Daily Missions. Each one of these will offer Souls as a reward. The missions can be almost anything, and they will refresh once per day. Complete all three of them per day and the souls will begin to rack up very quickly. A couple weeks of this and you should be able to purchase at least one gold card.

Fight through the towers, and if you get stuck, go back to old levels and gain experience points. As you level up your fighters, you will randomly earn more Souls as a bonus reward. Leveling up your fighters will allow you to fight in tougher and tougher towers, allowing you to earn more souls as a first-time completion reward.

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Participate in the ladder tournaments in order to get a chance to win free Souls. You are going to have to play online in order to enter these tournaments. If you want to play these, and if you want to get more allies, you will have to login via WBplay in order to make it work. Once you are in, more opportunities to earn bonus souls will open up to you.

Buy the Console version of the game (or rent it) and you will be able to do a Mobile to Console connection (and vice versa) to earn rewards for both games. Complete specific tasks in the console version in order to earn rewards on mobile, including Souls (but mostly consisting of coins). Complete specific tasks on the mobile version of the game for extra console rewards as well.

Other than those, there aren’t that many ways to earn big rewards as far as Souls go, at least not for free. If you want to purchase Souls, though, a little bit goes a long way especially when it comes to getting new, rare, silver and gold character cards and other goodies.