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Motor World Car Factory for iOS: Car and Supercar Breeding and Unlocking Guide

As of the time of this writing, there are currently 72 cars that you can unlock and/or breed, and build in Motor World Car Factory, and there are many ways to unlock them. Each time that you unlock and build a row of cars (or one supercar) in your collection, you will earn one free buck as a bonus, but that’s not even the main reason to do it. You just want to build as many cars as possible, and the coolest cars that you can, and to do it, you have to unlock them first. Read on for tips and tricks to unlocking and breeding cars!

There are multiple ways to unlock each and every car in the game. For the specifics on how to unlock each car, go to the Action menu and then go over to the collections area. Each car that you have yet to unlock (or that you have unlocked but have yet to build) will appear as a silhouette with a question mark in the center of it. Tap said silhouette with your finger and one of two things will pop up. If you get specific, detailed information on the car itself, then you have already unlocked it, but have yet to build it (or any builds you did got reset by the tutorial restart glitch).

The other thing that will pop up, which will be the case if you actually haven’t unlocked the car, is information on how to unlock the car. It can be one of the following things.

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Some cars require you to build a certain amount of another car (usually one that you have already unlocked). Others will require you to research new technologies. To research, go to the Lab and hit Research, or go to the Dealership and hit Upgrade and Research, and then tab over to “Car”. Every technology that you can research in here will go towards building new types of cars, and after you research one list of technologies, more new technologies will pop up that you can research.

Many will require that you build a certain type of building. For specifics, tap on each individual car in the Collections area, and if a car requires a certain building to exist beforehand in order for you to unlock it, it will say exactly the type of building.

Finally, you can breed cars in the Lab in order to unlock new cars. The collection area will tell you one of the cars that you need to breed, but the second car is up to you to figure out – luckily, the game pops up a choice of “second cars” for you to use in the breeding process.

And of course, for the top supercars, you’re going to need to unlock them with a Mystery Card, making it a total game of chance.


Friday 28th of February 2020