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Motor World Car Factory for iOS: Part 2 of the guide to increase your Quality Score

Welcome to part 2 of the guide on how to increase your quality score in Motor World Car Factory. Click here to go back to part 1 of the quality score guide.

If your game ever glitches and causes you to start from the tutorial again, while it’s frustrating, this is the PERFECT opportunity to cause your average quality score to skyrocket. Here’s how to do it.

First, have at least one elite engineer as an employee before this can happen. One elite engineer costs 10,000 coins, so spend that amount in order to get an elite engineer in the game. Then, if you at any point restart the game and get sent back to the tutorial, start building your “first car”, making sure that your engineer is a part of the job.

You will get a free item as a part of the tutorial, and can use it on any one of your employees. Use it on the engineer. Doing this will cause his quality score to raise to 3 times its normal level, which in his case, will be an absolutely ridiculous level in the 200-300 range depending on his level. Finish building the car while making sure that your engineer has a part in the entire building process. During the quality check your car will have a VERY high score.

Once the first annual report on your car company comes out, your score will be something completely ridiculous, in the 200s, meaning it’s way off the charts. While it will go down in the future annual reports, it will still be at completely ridiculous, off-the-charts levels.

One bonus side effect of this is that your reputation score will increase DRAMATICALLY during your first annual quality report, into the millions. Even when your quality goes down during the next annual report, your reputation level will remain the same.

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You can do this trick at any time, even without the tutorial glitch, as long as you have an elite engineer and enough cash to buy an item or two to give to said elite engineer, and with any car that you build.