Move the Box for iPhone and Android: Guide, tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

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Move the Box is an iPhone and iPod touch puzzle game where you, as the name of the game says, move the box. The reason that you move the Box is to eliminate all of the boxes from your screen within a certain number of moves, usually between one and three moves, and if you go over the number of moves without eliminating all of the boxes, then you have to start over. You unlock new levels and new cities by beating level after level. It can get frustrating and difficult, but these tips should be able to help just a bit.

You can use hints by one of two methods. Either you can buy a pack of hints, or you can review the game and earn five free hints though. You don’t have to review the game in order to get the five free ones, though. Just open up the hint box, click on the button to review the game, and then let the app store open up. Click on the link that says to write a review. Enter your app store password, and you will get to the screen where you pick a nickname and write your review. Don’t fill anything out. Just minimize the app store and close the game, and then open the game back up. You will now have five free hints.

Hints will work for every move that you need to make on one stage, too, so use your free hints on the hardest stages that have the most moves that you just can’t figure out.

Sometimes when it seems like there are no moves to do, simply move random boxes around and see what happens. Even if it doesn’t immediately produce results, sometimes a random move or two can give you ideas you would not previously have had.

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