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Move the Walls: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Move the Walls is a new endless-flying game for the iOS platform where you control either an arrow, a balloon, or one of many other characters, and move the walls out of their way so that they can rise up unimpeded. The farther up that you go, the higher that your score will be. Read on for some tips and tricks for Move the Walls!

You may notice that there are two different types of walls in this game. The spike walls are the ones that will hurt you if you hit them, so make sure that you swipe these out of the way at all times. The cloud walls, though, will not hurt you if you hit them, and it’s optional to swipe them out of the way. It’s generally recommended to swipe them out of the way just so that you can keep the rhythm.

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Watch the top of the screen rather than the middle of the screen. This will help you swipe in the correct direction quickly rather than having any sort of delay in your rhythm, because you will be able to see the wall a whole lot more quickly this way. Watching the middle of the screen will slow you down especially later on in the game.

You can earn coins as you go, and the coins can be used to purchase new backgrounds and wall colors. With each new background and wall color comes a new character as well, which is kept secret until you make the purchase.

If the ads are bugging you, you can pay a buck to remove them by hitting the Remove Ads button from the main window. You can stop them from showing up by turning off the data or by switching the phone into Airplane Mode but it’s generally not recommended to do this as this is an independent developer who made the game, and the ads are how they keep the lights on.

If you start to get frustrated at this game, then take a thirty to sixty minute break and then come back to it. Once all of the frustration is gone, your scores will start skyrocketing due to the extra muscle memory that you build up at this game. Keep playing heavily, then taking a break, and repeating that and you will become an expert at this game in no time.