Mr Bullet: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Mr Bullet is a new game where you play as a spy whose goal is to do away with the enemies with as few shots as possible. You can move from level to level, racking up stars, unlocking new game modes along the way, and even picking up new skins as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mr bullet for the iOS and Android platforms!

Stars are generally pretty easy to rack up in the game; all that you have to do is win in as few shots as possible. Depending on the level, this will require tricks such as bouncing a bullet off of the wall multiple times in an accurate way, or using a bullet to knock a block or a TNT box in the right direction to knock out the enemies.

You’re going to need all the stars that you can get in order to unlock new game modes. If you’ve hit the very hard stages, you can always go back and play stages that you have previously earned one or two stars on, and try to beat them in less shots in order to earn three stars. Keep doing this until you unlock the next game mode in line.

Hostages is one of the modes that you can unlock. This one requires you to do the same thing that you did in classic mode, except that you lose if you accidentally shoot the hostage. While the hostages can be hit with bullets, you cannot be hit with your own bullet, though, so you have more options as far as caroming the bullet off of a wall or the ceiling.

The next two modes that you can unlock with stars are the grenades mode and the missions mode. In grenades mode, you throw grenades instead of shooting guns, so while you can blow away more enemies at a time, you also have a danger of blowing yourself up. Missions mode contains random missions with different rules than all of the other ones.

Right now, under the skins, the phrase “coming soon” is listed, so while there are no new skins yet in the game, expect the developers to add them very soon. Also, various other props are coming soon to unlock, too. Expect to find them in the menu with the sports implements and video game controller depicted, which is also currently inactive.

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