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My Derp: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

My Derp, billed as the impossible virtual pet game, is a ridiculous new game for the iOS and Android platforms. Basically, it’s Tapps’ other entry, My Boo, except with the difficulty turned up to eleven, as you get saddled with a hilariously crappy virtual pet who dies quicker than the world’s most cursed Oregon Trail crew. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Derp!

There are five types of food in this game. Whatever you do, avoid the spotted eggs as they will make your derp very sick; only use them if you have literally nothing else left and are just trying to get one more level before you die. The best food to use is the cake, which costs 40 coins but will restore both your heart meter and your hunger meter.

Try to keep a good stash of coins around so that you can purchase anything that you need to keep your derp in good health. And buy things right away whenever you need them. There are consequences for when you don’t. For example, if you delay on buying the bug spray when mosquitoes are flying around Derp, you’ll end up getting him even sicker. Delay on buying the bucket of water when he is on fire, and he will just die faster.

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When you die, you will be able to spend 20 diamonds to revive your derp. If you don’t have 20 diamonds, you can watch all of the advertisement videos that you want to until you have 20 diamonds or more. Even after you hit 20 you can keep watching videos for as long as you want, so you can build up more and more diamonds for more restarts.

A bar will fill up gradually after each time that your derp dies. Once it fills up all the way, you will unlock a bigger bank and start each game with more coins. You can fill up the bar a number of times and earn more and more coins each time. More coins at the beginning makes it easier to go for a longer time and gain a higher level.

You’ll unlock new forms of the derp with every few levels that you gain. He’ll start off as a newborn derp, then turn into an infant, a toddler, a kid, a teen, a young adult, an adult and more. The way to change him into new forms is to gain experience levels. The more levels that you gain, the more new forms of the derp that you’ll unlock.