My Home – Design Dreams: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

My Home – Design Dreams is a new match-3 game for the iOS and Android platforms where you participate in match-three games, while renovating a house. You can buy new home design elements, play games for coins and bucks/credits, and add all kinds of elements to your room and house for style points. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Home – Design Dreams!

The match three portion of the game is the main element, because without playing it, you’ll run out of money quickly, and when you run out of money, you can’t make any new designs. If you just want to play a match-three game, you can do that, though, by ignoring the designs and playing level after level. You’ll be able to do this indefinitely. If you run out of lives while doing this, then you can always change your mind and use all of your cash.

When you see a box with a furniture icon inside of it, then you can tap to add a new piece of furniture, as long as you have the coins to do so. If you don’t, then play another level. When you place a piece of furniture, you earn style points, and the more style points that you earn, the more ways to customize the house that you’ll unlock.

Not all furniture in one segment is created equal, though. Sometimes one of your choices will be unavailable because you have to unlock it somewhere, or it will be too expensive. You can buy a cheaper one and then switch it out later if you want to. For cost-effectiveness, though, generally it’s better to wait until you unlock the better furniture in order to buy and place it.

Within the levels themselves, you can use all sorts of special tiles, as well as blend them together. Make four in a row and you get a line-clearing tile. Make an L, T, or + match and you get a bomb tile. If you make five in a row, then you get a rainbow tile. Mix two line-clearers together to clear lines horizontally and vertically. Mix two bombs together for a huge bomb. Mix a bomb and a line-clearer together for three-in-a-row up, down, left, and right. Mix two rainbow tiles together to clear everything. Mix a rainbow with a bomb or a line-clearer to set bombs or line-clearers off on every single tile of a specific color.

You can unlock more houses to renovate, but in order to do that, you have to completely renovate the house that you are currently working on. Each house has three rooms, and each room has several pieces of furniture. If you run out of homes and rooms to renovate, the developers will add more with the next update.