My Muppets Show: FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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Each muppet has three things that will increase their happiness level to 100 percent, which will cause them to earn coins more quickly per level. These will consist of one muppet and two decorations. You can buy the decorations from the market menu under the decoratoins tab, or simply by tapping the specific decoration in the info menu.

The new muppets can be bought for diamonds in the store or can be synthesized using Harv-E. Specific combinations of muppets can make you new muppets; go to the market menu and when you tap on any of the muppets that cost diamonds, it will also show you what combination of muppets can put in their punch cards into the Harv-E to try to find a new muppet. Using Harv-E, you can find every muppet in the whole cast!

You can earn experience points in a number of different ways, but the goals are one of the top ways to earn both coins and experience points. Go here to claim rewards for quests that you have already completed, as well as to see what quests you still have left to complete, and what you have to do in order to complete the quests. As you complete quests, new ones will constantly pop up.

Tab over to the achievements menu, and you’ll see all of the achievements, which are essentially quests, but they earn you diamonds instead of coins, food or experience points. When you complete an achievement, you can go back to this menu and collect your diamonds. This is one of the top ways to earn free diamonds in the game.

Even though all of the muppets contribute their songs to the game, you can shut them off at any time you want to, and still earn coins from them. To do this, tap on the individual muppet and hit mute. If you want to turn them back on, go back to that same muppet and tap unmute, and you will be able to hear them again.

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