My Muppets Show (iOS/Android): Muppet Combination List: How to get every Muppet from Harv-E

My Muppets Show is a new game where you get to set up your very own show, clean out a theater and replace it with muppets who actually sing and play instruments. You can get all of your old favorites such as Fozzie and Miss Piggy, but it takes some time and some patience to get Harv-E to do exactly what you want it to do, and it takes even more time to get Harv-E to find the right muppet for you based on the combination of existing muppets. Read on for the full list of Muppet combinations.

Big Mo = Animal + Sam the Eagle
Rats = Rowlf + Sam The Eagle
Durwood Clapper = Animal + Rowlf
Jax Strumley = Sam the Eagle + Floyd
Snowth = Animal + Floyd

The Divettes = Rowlf + Floyd
Zoot = Rats + Big Mo
Mahna Mahna = Big Mo + Snowth

Miss Piggy = Durwood Clapper + The Divettes
Gonzo = Rats + Snowth
Kermit = Miss Piggy + Jax Strumley
Fozzie = Jax Strumley + Gonzo

That’s all of the combinations for the beginning stage. Anything else will earn you either one of the same muppets that you started the game with, or will earn you another Durwood Clapper. Durwood Clapper is good for earning a whole lot of coins, so set them on your stage to fill space until you get the combinations that you want. Then, you can sell them and make space for the new muppets.

That’s the whole list of muppets at the theater. Click here to find out all of the muppet combinations for the kitchen in part two of the Harv-E guide!

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