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My Muppets Show (iOS/Android): Muppet Combination List Part 2: How to get every Muppet from Harv-E in the Kitchen

Back in part 1 of the My Muppets Show Harv-E guide we went over which combinations of muppets work in Harv-E in the beginning stage. However, once you unlock the Kitchen stage, new muppets open up, as do new muppet combinations. Some of the old muppets can no longer be synthesized, but a whole bunch of new ones can. Read on for the list of muppet combinations for Harv-E in the kitchen stage!

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First of all, you can now by the Swedish Chef in the store. You couldn’t even synthesize him in the first stage. You can no longer synthesize the Durwood Clapper, Mahna Mahna, Sam Eagle, Fozzie, Snowth, the Rats or Miss Piggy. However, you get a whole bunch of new ones. So, without further ado, here is the list of the kitchen Muppets.

Jax Strumley = Floyd + Rowlf
The Chickens = Swedish Chef + Rowlf
Big Mo = Swedish Chef + Animal
Kizzy = Floyd + Animal
The Veggies = Floyd + Swedish Chef

The Divettes = Rowlf + Animal
Gonzo = Jax Strumley + The Chickens
Zoot = Jax Strumley + The Veggies
Beaker = Rowlf + The Divettes
Walter = Kizzy + Gonzo
Rizzo = Gonzo + The Veggies
Kermit = Jax Strumley + Walter

Just like with the original stage, in this stage you won’t always get the combination that you are trying for, especially when you’re trying to use Harv-E to synthesize a rarer muppet such as Kermit or Rizzo. The only solution is to keep trying – there’s not really any way to ensure that you will get the new muppet.

Later on, a third stage will be added to the game, although it’s currently not known when that will happen. Look for even more new muppets and different combinations when that happens.