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My NBA 2K16 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

My NBA 2K16 serves not only as a companion app to NBA 2K16, but as a mobile game in its own right. This app features a card-battling game that allows you to buy, sell and trade cards, as well as battle against other players to see whose team is better. Read on for some tips and tricks for My NBA 2K16!

When you first begin the game, all of your cards in your starting lineup will be completely out of position. Centers will be in the point guard position, shooting guards will be in the shooting forward position, etc. Go to your lineup and swap characters back and forth with other current-party characters in order to get them to the right positions for an instant stat boost. As you keep adding new players, make sure they are always in the right position.

Stay on the lookout for cards of the next level up in terms of rarity. You start with common cards, then go to uncommon, rare, super-rare, ultra-rare, legendary and epic. If you don’t have Credits or Reward Points, then the rewards at the end of the round are the fastest way to get them. If you do have Credits or Reward Points, then you can use them on rare cards too.

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Credits, or VC, can be earned within the game after you log in via NBA 2K16. If you don’t have the game and none of your friends will let you log in via their copy of the game, then you can earn credits by purchasing them within the IAP store.

Now to the games themselves. When you are playing against someone else, the common strategy is to put your rarest card first, because they are almost always putting their rarest first and then their weaker cards after that in order of strongest to weakest. However, another variation on that is to put your WEAKEST card first, then your strongest, then your second, third, etc. You’ll lose the first round, then usually win the next three quarters, giving you an excellent edge.

When using the auction house to try to get new cards, look for the best deals and look not just by rarity but by position, too. If you have multiple rares of the same position, try auctioning one of them off here (try to sell as high as you can, though, which will require patience) and use the Reward Points that you earn from the sale to look for another player in a position that you have. Or sell multiples of the same rarity and use the money to buy one card of the next rarity up.

Use the “improve” area under MyCards to “charge” a stat, or to upgrade it big time, You can boost your card using any card that is not in either your season deck or your quick games deck as charging fodder, and you can charge one stat at a time. You can charge using multiple players at a time, but do four charges with four players as charging fodder so that you can upgrade all four stats evenly.