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My NBA 2k18 – How to load up on free VC (Virtual Currency) for NBA 2k18

My NBA 2K18 is the companion app for NBA 2k18, which spans systems ranging from mobile devices all the way to PS4 and Xbox One. Not only that, but it functions as its own game too. Playing this game will allow you to load up on VC for your main NBA 2K18 account. If you play the main game, you know that VC is important – read on for tips on how to get more VC for NBA 2K18 in MyNBA 2k18!

The main way to earn VC is by playing quick games in My NBA 2K18. The more of them that you play, the more VC that you earn – up to a point, at least. You earn 50 VC per quick game that you play, as long as you are logged into your PSN/Xbox Live/Steam account. After the 10th quick game, you stop earning for the day, meaning that you can earn up to 500 VC from quick games per day.

The same runs true for the head to head mode. In head to head mode, once the game is done, you will earn 50 VC. Between quick games and H2H, you’ll be able to earn a maximum of 500 VC per day, so any combination of 10 total games (10 h2h, 10 quick, 5 quick and 5 h2h, etc) will be your max per day to earn VC.

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Another way to earn free VC is to simply log in every day to My NBA 2K18. Log in using your PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam account daily, even if you don’t plan on actually doing anything within the companion app itself. First, scroll down to your login bonus button on the main menu of My NBA 2K18 in order to get there.

Once you do that, enter either your Steam login, your PSN login, or your Xbox Live login, depending on which system you use. Just log in and then in the main version of NBA 2k18, you will get your VC bonus. Do this every day – set alarms or reminders if you really want to make sure that you do.

Wait until the NBA season begins and the Pick and Win feature, which was popular in the old My NBA 2K companion apps, will come back. Obviously, nothing can be done with the pick and win now because there is no NBA season, but once the season returns, expect Pick and Win to return. Pick correctly and you will get free VC.