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My NBA 2K18 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

My NBA 2K18 is the companion app to NBA 2K18, but unlike most companion apps, this also functions as its own game. My NBA 2K18 has a card-battling game just as the previous iterations of the game have, where you build a lineup of five NBA players, put them up against other players’ lineups, and watch them battle it out, and collect Credits in the process. Your goal is to match stats against stats to win the game, and to employ good strategy to earn as many wins, and as many cards, as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for My NBA 2K18!

One of the most basic and important parts of filling your lineup is to make sure that every position is filled by a matching player. For instance, make sure that a center is playing center and that a point guard is playing point guard. Position mismatches will cause stat drops, and are recommended against in most cases; the exception is if you are heavy on rare players of one position, and their high stats would overcome a stat drop from a position mismatch.

Pay attention to the patterns of when other teams tend to let out their rare players. Usually it will be during the first and second cards, so if you have one crappy card, burn that card during the first or second turn. Then let your good cards out during the rest of the turns, and you’ll likely win the game despite that bad round.

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As you play more and more, you’ll rack up a ton of cards, many of them being common cards that will do you no good in your lineup. You can instead use these cards to power up the ones that you want to keep, especially your rates. Use the ‘improve’ function and sacrifice cards that you won’t need in order to level up your favorites, which increases their statistics.

Playoffs differ from the other game modes in that games are played automatically at designated time intervals. You can manage your team at any time, so as you keep earning better cards, you can add them to your deck. The strength of your lineup determines your playoff tier, which determines how high-tier the rewards can be, but also how difficult your opponents will be. If you change your deck in the middle of a game, your next game’s deck will be affected instead.

Make wise use of your boost cards during a game. Match up the boost in question (I.E. offense) to what’s required at the specific time and to the card you pick. The higher their initial rating is, the more of an effect the boost will have for your card.