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My NBA 2K19: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

My NBA 2K19 is the latest iteration of the hugely popular card game based off of NBA 2K19. My NBA 2K19, for the iOS and Android platforms, also doubles as the companion app to the console version of NBA 2K19, but the card game itself has become a smash hit over the years, becoming the top of the free-to-play charts when it releases each year. You can build the strongest team possible with rare and epic cards, as well as credits .Read on for some tips and tricks for My NBA 2K19!

The classic mode puts you up against another player (though their cards are controlled by the computer) in a round of three. Each round will pit one of your stats against one of your opponents’ stats, or in some cases, two of your stats vs two of your opponents. Pick the cards that are high in the numbers that are in the green, as these are the numbers that will count for each round.

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When you get new cards, head to the deck management screen and hit auto-fill to instantly load up the deck with the most powerful position-correct ones. You can choose to do it yourself as well, though you run the risk of incorrect positions or inferior stats if you do this. Do this every time that you pull a new card pack.

You can improve your cards in the deck manager using training or using the Combine to Pro feature. You can use Combine to Pro if you have two of the same card, and both of the identical cards are a part of no decks at all. If you have 25 cards or less, then all of your cards are going to be a part of your 2 On 2 deck (which is your biggest deck) but if you have more than that, then you can pull the duplicates out of your decks and combine them to make a pro player.

Reigning Threes is a game mode mode where you pick a total of three cards and put them up against three of your opponents’ cards. Placing them based on position is the most important thing, and no matter the rarity of your cards, your stats will start off severely diminished; with each small victory that you earn, your stats will come back a bit, culminating in when theyre full.

2 On 2 is a unique game mode where you and another player team up against rival team of two players. Like in the classic mode, you choose players based on whatever stat is the active one at a time, but so does your partner. Also, the team of five cards is very randomized, but fit as many of your players into the right position as possible.