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My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

My Singing Monsters was Big Blue Bubble’s original hit game, and now its prequel is taking over the app store. My Signing Monsters: Dawn of Fire (AKA: My Singing Monsters 2) brings everyone’s favorite monsters back to make a whole new song. You can unlock multiple new islands, load up all of them with monsters, and add more and more instruments and voices to the ever-pervasive song of theirs. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire!

Running out of coins is very easy to do in this game if you overspend and you don’t pay attention to the Goals menu. Go by the Goals menu first, and if you want to purchase something but it doesn’t fulfill something on there, wait for a bit until it becomes a goal so that you can maximize the coins and experience that you gain. With each goal accomplished, a new one pops up.

Or, feeding your monsters will earn you coins too. If you get sick of waiting around forever to feed high-level monsters, buy more monsters, and if your beds are full, sell a monster and then buy a new monster again and feed it until you make an overall profit. Then get rid of it and repeat the same thing all over again.

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Crystals are required in order to cut down trees or to upgrade your castle, which adds more beds (AKA more space to put more monsters in your world). Look around the map for what appear to be small heads of lettuce growing out of the ground; tap them and you will earn Crystals. In addition, look around the edges of the continent, as they often grow out of the rocky cliffs next to the water as well.

Once you feed your monster to level 10, it will be transported to Space Island. At level 15, the monster will be transported off to Cloud Island, and at level 20, the monster will be taken off to Cave Island. Each island has a song of its own that monsters will participate in. Not all monsters can go to each island though. Go to the island and tap the Help button, and you’ll see a list of the monsters that can inhabit a particular island.

Want to add friends who play the game as well? Go to the Friends tab, then to your profile, then get your friend code and send it to someone, or share it via video or on the comments section of this page. Or you can even share it in the chat box below. Or add other people by their friend codes. You can also go to the official Facebook page for the game, or the review page on the App Store or Google Play, and post it there.