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My Talking Tom 2: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

My Talking Tom 2 is the sequel to the smash hit My Talking Tom from four years ago, where you take care of Tom the cat, play with him, earn coins, and buy him all kinds of goodies. Your goal is to keep him happy, rested, and well-fed, and to earn coins and happiness. Read on for some tips and tricks for My Talking Tom 2!

One of the biggest differences between this and the original is all of the mini-games have been updated to reflect recently-popular games. For example, Space Trails is a clone of, while Ice Smasher is a clone of Bricks and Balls. Play these games not just to make your cat happier, but entirely for fun, too.

If you put Tom to sleep, then you have a couple options to rest him. One is to wait for him to wake up on his own. The other is to watch an ad video to speed things along. To do this, go to the games area and try to play a game. You’ll be prompted to either wait for him to wake up or to watch a video. Take the video offer and his restfulness will restore instantly.

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Need to earn some quick extra coins? Head to the games area and watch for the box on a balloon to float down. Tap that and a video ad will appear, which will earn both happiness/planes and coins for Tom. The planes will allow you to earn new rewards for Tom, such as pets or clothing.

Once you see a number appear next to the plane button, tap on it to go to the backyard, and then tap on the plane itself. You’ll see prize boxes appear, so tap them to open them one at a time. Not only will they earn you pets or clothing, like said above, but they can earn you free coins, experience points, free food, and other goodies that you need to keep Tom happy or to level him up.

To play other mini-games besides mobile game clones, go to the smile menu (the deck of the house) and tap on the toy chest. A random toy will pop out of the chest, and you’ll be able to play a game with it, such as shooting a basketball or jumping on a trampoline. These won’t earn you any rewards, but they can boost your happiness meter.


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