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Nasty Goats – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Nasty Goats is a new Game Shakers app by Nickelodeon for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to use two fingers to control two goats, and have them collect as much junk as possible before the farmers catch them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nasty Goats!

You are supposed to use the ropes/chains to collect all of the junk that you can find; however, you have to avoid the solid-colored spiky creatures that you see along the way. They will slow you down, and when you get slowed down, that gives the farmer a chance to catch up with you. Manipulate your fingers so that you can run the goats around them, and around the pits that you can fall into.

You can buy different goats in this game, as well as accessories, but the most important thing that you can purchase is a new set of levels. So far you have Dino World, Arctic World, The Wasteland, The Moon and Tokyo. Each level will have a slightly different layout with a someone new set of obstacles; however, the gameplay method will be the same in all of these levels.

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Buying new goats and new accessories for your goat does not change the gameplay at all. It will still play the same regardless of what accessories they do or do not have; all that will be different about the goats is the way they look. It does give you a large degree of customization within the game itself, though.

Strikingly, there are no in-app purchases in this game at all, whatsoever. If you want more coins, you are going to have to earn more coins within the game itself – there is no way to buy them, and there is no way to earn more of them using videos or anything like that. Just good old fashioned playing the game.

Use fingers other than your thumbs if it makes it easier to control the goats. Practice putting your thumbs or fingers one behind the other when you need to get both of them through a tight squeeze. And practice swapping one finger to the other side of the other finger when you need to change the orientation of both goats in order to get them through one or more tight spots.