NBA All Net: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

NBA All Net is a new basketball card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game you can choose from over five hundred NBA players of varying degrees of rarity and talent, and your goal is to build the best team possible, take part in numerous leagues, contests and championships, and earn massive rewards of gold and diamonds. Read on for some tips and tricks for NBA All Net!

Diamonds are the premium currency of this game, and an easy way to earn more diamonds is to go to the in app purchase store and hit the “earn free diamonds” choice. When you hit this, an offer wall from Tapjoy will pop up full of offers that you can complete for free diamonds, and it will include advertisement videos that you can watch for more diamonds as well.

You can generally skip through all of your games, without having to watch them. The only time that you really need to watch them is when you have a weakness that is killing your chances of winning against tough opponents, and you are watching to try to figure out what that is. Otherwise, simply hit skip and you can be on your way immediately.

When putting your team together, all that really matters, for the most part, is the combined statistical score. There aren’t any metrics for chemistry or anything in this game. There are a ton of ways to improve your cards, though, just so that you can have the best cards possible. The primary way is training, which allows you simply to spend gold for improving them.

Ranking up is one other way, and this will actually improve their star rankings, in exchange for some valuable items. You can unlock evolution and development later on. No matter what you use, know that you can complete any five minute or less training job for free without having to spend any diamonds. Only speedups of more than five minutes cost diamonds.

If you want to blow through the rest of your energy for some quick experience and gold, your best bet is to go to the last stage that you beat in whatever league or match series you are playing, then play it again. You won’t even have to tap to skip through the game this time; it will skip straight through on its own. Do this until your energy runs out for rapid quick play experience.